Max Value of dwt_setrxaftertxdelay parameter

Hello, what is the maximum value that parameter “rxDelayTime” can get in function “dwt_setrxaftertxdelay”, before a transaction dwt_starttx(DWT_START_TX_IMMEDIATE | DWT_RESPONSE_EXPECTED);.
I need a long delay to enable the Receiver.
Thank you

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From the API, you have 20bits to try out.


void dwt_setrxaftertxdelay(uint32 rxDelayTime) ;

This function sets the delay in turning the receiver on after a frame transmission has completed. The delay, rxDelayTime, is in UWB microseconds (1 UWB microsecond is 512/499.2 microseconds). It is a 20-bit wide field. This should be set before start of frame transmission after which a response is expected, i.e. before invoking the dwt_starttx() function (above) to initiate the transmission (in RESPONSE_EXP mode). E.g. transmission of a frame with an ACK request bit set.

Parameters :

type name description
uint32 rxDelayTime The turnaround time, in UWB microseconds, between the TX completion and the RX enable.

Return Parameters :


Notes :

This function is used to set the delay time before automatic receiver enable after a frame transmission. The smallest value that can be set is 0. If 0 is set the DW1000 will turn the RX on as soon as possible, which approximately takes 6.2 µs. So if setting a value smaller than 7 µs it will still take 6.2 µs to switch to receive mode.