Mating board for DWM1000

Is there a board to which the DWM1000 easily mates? i.e. has soldering area that mates to DWM1000 and connects in SPI and power?

I am aware of the DWM1001 Development board which accepts the DWM1001, So I am looking for a board like the development board that accepts the DWM1000 instead of the DWM1001


Maybe this will work for you?

FYI We have a plan to make a carrier board that supports the DWM1000. That design was not kicked off yet. So for the short term the above link is all I can offer.


Thankyou for your response. I have ordered a few of these boards, and they should make interfacing a lot easier.

I see the board takes 2 LEDs/resistors, a pull down on chip select, and a power supply cap. Is there a minimum value for the power cap? I suppose it cannot be too big!

The DWM1000 module has all the necessary DW1000 decoupling inside, so you probably can get away without any decoupling cap.

BTW What was the lead time for the board order?

I guess you want to know in case anybody else wants these boards. I’ve condensed the interesting parts of the ordering Email. I’ll post when I get them but you are looking at about 2 weeks

We’ve sent the panel containing your boards to the fabricator. We expect to get them back around June 27th.

In case you’re interested, there are 90 other orders on the panel along with yours, adding up to a total of 459 boards. Neat eh?

Ordered on June 16th 2019
Paid on June 16th 2019 via paypal.

DecaWave DWM1000 Breakout-01 copy
1.00 x 0.70 inch (25.4 x 17.8 mm) 2 layer board.
The panel your boards are assigned to has been sent to the fab. We’ll let you know as soon as they’re back.
9 boards at $3.50 per batch of three $10.50
Sub total $10.50
USPS - Standard First Class Mail $0.00
TOTAL (paid) $27.50

And I’ve ordered the following goodies from Digikey

0805 LED 0.35 SML-H12M8TT86C
0805 1k 0.088 RR12P1.0KDCT-ND
0805 10k 0.091 RR12P10.0KDCT-ND
0805 10uF 0.115 399-3138-1-ND

I hope 0805 is the correct package

Hey, did these components work? i have ordered the same board but thought the package size is 0603. Just read your comment, please let me know if it is 0805 or 0603 will order components accordingly.

Thank you