Map generation from anchors

I was hoping to have something clarified before I purchased any hardware. In a setup video for the Evaluation Kit, the user has to manually enter the locations of the anchors relative to the ID0 anchor. Does the capability exist for the anchors to range each other and generate that map for you? It shouldn’t be hard, I was just wondering if the capability is exposed in the API. I have seen similar functionality with MarvelMinds ultrasonic localization kit.

Hi Cblakely,

Which kit and video are you referring to ?

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Ok I see.

TREK1000 is a very powerful development kit as it provides a developer the freedom to fully configure the DW1000 UWB transceiver and explore all the different features of the cheap. It come with a basic RTLS scheme which can support up to 4 anchors and does not have any auto-positioning feature. So the anchors coordinate have to be set manually.

W have a launched a new product a few month ago, MDEK1001. Please see below :

MDEK1001 provides less freedom than TREK1001 in term of configuration but it comes with a much more advanced RTLS stack. One of the feature is the auto-positioning up to 4 anchors.

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