MALWARE Detection - Type: TROJAN, Detection Name: ARTEMIS!Cxxxxx. I can no longer use QSPICE under this circumstance

The IT guys must be new at computers because this action is well known to most computer gurus.
Either that or THEiR higher ups told them to tell you not to use Qspice.

I don’t use any AV software except Windows Defender because it “basically” behaves itself but can be temporarily disabled and you can still un-quarantine the retracted virus.

Mike is right on with this one. And it makes perfect sense too that they would want to “catch one” once in a while to impress you.


I can confirm that ESET Smart Security Premium has just allowed an update to my installation to Aug 1st 2023 versions without any complaint. I should point out that I’m not in a corporate environment. I control my own destiny.

That’s great news. Thanks for the update.

Trying to link acmesemi.cpp triggers Trellix Endpoint Security On-Access Scan to think acmesemi.dll is a Trojan named Artemis!C46926E99603 and is immediately deleted.

Using the original acmesemi.dll results in QSPICE reporting:
Fatal error: 0: Trouble linking to acmesemi.dll
(didn’t see something in the Trellix log here)

It is absolutely ridiculous!
QSPICE regularly needs to compile our C++ codes to dlls and link to something (?).
So we will have regularly “new” dlls.
Who can supply a certificate to every single dll?

We would need to get these guys to whitelist every new dll which is generated.
You can’t talk to an IT guy in a company. They are strictly dumb officers.
So this feature is unusable in any corporate network!

Something has changed.

I now can run the demo PracticalSMPS.qsch from the install location on C: drive.
One quirk remains: I can start it by double clicking within Explorer, but not if I start it from CMD.EXE or my usual “Unreal Commander”. Then I always get: Fatal error: 0: Trouble linking to acmesemi.dll

But when I copy the files to a different location on C: drive and recompile acmesemi.dll and press run, Trellix Endpoint Security On-Access Scan still finds Trojan named Artemis!C46926E99603 and immediately deletes the acmesemi.dll.

When I copy (unusually slow) the files to a network drive and recompile acmesemi.dll or use the installed dll and press run, it starts but the waveform window opens only after some seconds and the simulation hangs forever at about 160µs.

I think Trellix and or IT still mess things up completely.

What command line does QUX.EXE issue for .\dm\bin\link.exe?

When I try to install Qspice.exe this week, our Trellix anti-virus still block the installation. Would you ask Trellix to whitelist it ? Thanks !