Making the Tag calculate own position

Hello there,

I Have the DWM1001 set for RTLS running its own test application and I’m trying to move the trilateration algorithm from the usb linked machine to the tag itself, I’ve been able to write a standalone code in C that knowing the anchor to anchor ranges and tag to anchor ranges it’s able to find the correct location of the Tag. Now my problem is to let the tag know anchor to anchor ranges which are currently unknown for the tag, since i’m pretty much stuck on this task I was wondering if someone can give me any idea to perform this task, i thought about using a fourth, asyncronous message from the anchor 0 to give those ranges to the tag, but it sound a little bit sloppy as a solution. Any idea?

Thank you in advance for your help.

If tag is already communicating with the anchors, and the anchors know the anchor-to-anchor ranges, perhaps they can send this info to the tag inside the existing anchor-to-tag messages?

i thought it was not possible to add additional information in the existing message that the anchors send to the tag, am I wrong?

Sorry, maybe I misunderstood, I thought you were running own application? “DWM1001 set for RTLS running its own test application”

I’m sorry, maybe i was not accurate in the description of the situation. I’m running the default test app for the DWM1001.
If it is not possible to send custom data over the messages, is it possible to send another message after the default trilateration protocol is complete? Or maybe do you know someone’s custom firmware I can look up to send custom data over the messages?
Thanks for the help anyway.

thanks for your supporting. here I found useful information

thanks for suporting. here I found useful information :heart: