LT 2 help

Hello everyone,
Can someone please help me with right understanding LT2 conditions? I have this few questions:

  1. Can I use TWR for distance determination between fixed anchor and mobile tag in LT2?

  2. Can I use TWR between fixed anchor and mobile tag outdoor?

  3. “intended for person and object tracking and industrial applications at well-defined locations” What is mean by well-definated location? Is it mean that I have to tell some authority about the place where I will placing UWB systems?What is mean by fixed sites?

  4. What is mean by fixed sites?

Thank you very much for help


Fixed outdoor UWB transmitters are generally not allowed, as specified in ECC Decision ECC/DEC/(06)04. An exception are location tracking type 2 (LT2) systems, operating in the 3.1 GHz to 4.8 GHz spectrum, according to ECC/REC/(11)09. These are intended for person and object tracking and industrial applications at well-defined locations. The transmitting terminals in these systems may be located indoors or outdoors and may be fixed or mobile. However, LT2 regulations are not implemented in every EEA country and require a license for every specific site of use. It is therefore recommended to contact the national spectrum regulator in the country of interest first.

So, in answer to the questions:

1 & 2: Yes, you could provided that you have obtained a license from the national spectrum authority for your specific installation;

3 & 4: You will need to contact the authorities and obtain a license for every LT2 installation. That license will be limited to a specific installation at a specific place, i.e. a well-defined location. The fixed sites refer to the fact that you can not re-use a license for a specific installation at another place.


Thank you very much for answer Mr. Dwyer,

Can I ask two more questions please?

  1. If I have mobile tag, which will be located outdoor at the moment, and indoor fixed anchor, can I make TWR between them (from license authority view)? sure I know that because of non-LOS will be there divergency in distance determination, only asking if it is possible

  2. example situation, the same mobile tag, which I mentioned in first question, change his place from outdoor to indoor (after outdoor TWR). Now the same tag is located indoor, I want to make TWR between tag and fixed anchor, have the channel, frequency or etc. be changed?

Thank you very much for help