Low-band channels (1,2,3,4) on DW3000

I would like to ask, why has Decawave / Qorvo discontinued the low-band UWB channels (1, 2, 3, 4) in the DW3000 family. Is the reason mainly technical (difficult RF combination of low-band channels and channel 9) or are there rather regulatory reasons (output power limits for LT2 devices introduced by some european regulatory bodies) or any other?

Thank you.

Hi @ondra
I cant speak behalf Qorvo. But in my opinion it is mostly because of regulatory. Channels 1-4 are abandoned already due to another RF devices operated in this area + LTE start working here also.

The channel 5 seems to be soon occupied by WIFI 6E where nobody know what would be the real impact here. The future is in CH9 which is unused now be other RF devices.

As a side note Qorvo (as all other IC manufacturers) need to downsize the chip for cell phones and etc and the only one way I see how to do that is to remove unneeded channels.


Thanks for your reply, leapslabs. In addition this older thread helped me to fully understand the regulatory issues with channels 1-4.