Losing some messages in UART Shell mode

Hello all,

I have a system of 4 anchors, 1 listener, and 1 tag. Im using a Golang app to connect to the Shell mode, send “lep” command, and read POS data.
When im using minicom to connect to the Shell mode i have no issues, but using the App i am losing almost half of the messages, either because they are not complete, or they are just not received at all.
im using the following settings :

[color=#000000][size=x-small][font=Menlo]options := serial.OpenOptions{
PortName: uartPort,
BaudRate: [color=#0000ff]115200[/color],
DataBits: [color=#0000ff]8[/color],
StopBits: [color=#0000ff]1[/color],
MinimumReadSize: [color=#0000ff]2[/color],

And here is a sample of the received messages that start with “POS” :

[color=#3366cc]2018/09/10 12:28:24 consumedMessage : POS,0,590E,1.38,2.36,1.05,100,xB8
[color=#3366cc]2018/09/10 12:28:26 consumedMessage : POS,0,590E,1.34,2.36,1.10,100,xBF[/color]
[color=#3366cc]2018/09/10 12:28:26 consumedMessage : POS,0,590E,1.35,2.35,1.11,100,xC1[/color]
From the counter we can notice there are some messages missing.

are there other serial port settings that should be used? and is it normal to lose some messages when using apps connecting to UART Shell mode?


Hi haithaim,

You shouldn’t lose any data when connecting to the uart with a tool or a pc application.

I’ve developed similar application in python and it works ok. Are you sure you are reading the full buffer ?

Thank you,