Logging MDEK data


It is my understanding that there are three methods of logging data from the MDEK evaluation kit under its factory settings.
My configuration consists of [8 anchors and 4 tags] or [7 anchors, 4 tags, and 1 listener].

Method 1: PC logging connected to an active tag
positives: Timestamp from PC, ranges to best 4 anchors, and position relative to defined coordinate system
negative: Only receive data from connected tag, missing remaining 3 tags

Method 2: PC logging connected to a passive listener
positives: Timestamp from PC, position of all 4 tags
negative: No ranges are logged from the tags to the anchors

Method 3: Tablet logging via bluetooth
positives: Range and position for all 4 tags
negative: Timestamp seems to be relative to start-up of app, not time on the tablet

For my purposes I am looking to be able to log a useful timestamp, range to the best 4 anchors, and position for all 4 tags.

The way I see it there are two plausible solutions

  1. Replace the timestamp in the Android app to pull from the tablet’s clock
  2. Use the passive listener to obtain range data as well

I wanted to know if anyone would know how to do either one of these solutions or has figured out another way to obtain all of the data. Thanks!

Hi Kenny,
currently there is no another solution. Or there is one but it is complicated - write your own application and send the data via SPI/uart to another system which can use different data channel to pass out the data.

Regarding to your proposed solutions:

  1. This is probably possible
  2. This is not possible, as it is written in docs - the TN send its location data in GP message and there is only the location data and not the ranging data.

Im curious why do you need ranging data?