Log File Units of Measurement

When I create the log file the units seem to be in the thousands. What are the units of measurements used for the MDEK1001 Dev Kit when exporting the log file? They can’t be in metres, so I wondered what unit of measurement was used. I attached a sample of the log file.

It seems that its cms, as we can tell from some comparisons we made.

i experimented a tag far about 2m from initiator and the distance in the position log file seems to be in mm (2046) not cm . why r u saying cm ?? here is the output of my log file ,
459.427: started location data observation of C6:0F:F4:36:C2:B5
468.159: 0x…D9AE location data: distances: C3B4 distance=Distance{length=2046, quality=100}
472.146: stopped location data observation of C6:0F:F4:36:C2:B5, (D9AE)
thanks in advance