Location rate upgrade

Hello, I’m using the TREK1000 boards (1 TAG, 3 ANCHORS) as an evaluation kit and I wanted to explore some modifications to the ranging protocol in order to increase the location rate. In the document “APS016: MOVING FROM TREK1000 TO A PRODUCT” , it is discussed that there is some room for improvement by optimizing ( i.e reducing) a parameter called “guard band” that is used to keep the tags apart between transmissions and is included in the time slot. I’m currently having difficulties trying to identify this parameter in the piece of software.

I believe that in the file “instance.c”, in the state "TA_TXE_WAIT is where this parameter should appear because the tag here seems to enter sleep mode ( and this state is one possible destination after sending the Final message), so before staring a new ranging measurement, the tag could enter a sleep mode that would serve as guard band. I have attached the segment of the ARM source code with this state.

[code]case TA_TXE_WAIT : //either go to sleep or proceed to TX a message
// printf(“TA_TXE_WAIT”) ;
//if we are scheduled to go to sleep before next transmission then sleep first.
if((inst->nextState == TA_TXPOLL_WAIT_SEND)
&& (inst->instToSleep) //go to sleep before sending the next poll/ starting new ranging exchange
inst->rangeNum++; //increment the range number before going to sleep
//the app should put chip into low power state and wake up after tagSleepTime_ms time…
//the app could go to *_IDLE state and wait for uP to wake it up…
inst->done = INST_DONE_WAIT_FOR_NEXT_EVENT_TO; //don’t sleep here but kick off the Sleep timer countdown
inst->testAppState = TA_SLEEP_DONE;


#if (DEEP_SLEEP == 1)
//put device into low power mode
dwt_entersleep(); //go to sleep
//DW1000 gone to sleep - report the received range
inst->newRange = instance_calcranges(&inst->tofArray[0], MAX_ANCHOR_LIST_SIZE, TOF_REPORT_T2A, &inst->rxResponseMask);
inst->rxResponseMaskReport = inst->rxResponseMask;
inst->rxResponseMask = 0;
inst->newRangeTime = portGetTickCount() ;

        else //proceed to configuration and transmission of a frame
            inst->testAppState = inst->nextState;
            inst->nextState = 0; //clear
        break ; // end case TA_TXE_WAIT


If anyone has gone through the same problem or has any idea on how to proceed here, the help would be very much appreciated.