Location Engine

According to the documents the calculation of finding the location of a tag has done within the tag itself. To covering an area, 16 active anchor used, and one of them has the initiator role, the question is:
Should i have another passive anchor network that has connected via a LAN/wifi, to provide possibility for each tag in this area to communicate with at least one of the passive anchors?

In the other word, if there is one passive anchor in a 16 anchor network that each anchor located correctly, the information of tags could be communicated with anchors to pass the info to the passive anchor?


NOTE: you should really give information on what product you are talking about, I am assuming DWM1001 system (DRTLS)

Yes, passive anchor is not part of the RTLS network, you can have as many passive devices as you want.


My assumption was dwm1001 module, and if i understand your response, in a DRTLS network, to get the information of any existed tags, we should build another passive anchor networks, and each of them connected to a LAN with an interface.

Am i correct?


With Release 1, which is what you have today, you can use a Listener (Passive Tag/Anchor) to sniff all the Tag location data (X,Y,Z) within UWB range of the Listener. The Listener can stream this data over a USB COM port for further processing/analysis.
Release 2 will support what you are looking for so I suggest to wait for that rather than trying to build so kind of Listener network.
Release 2 will support route of ALL Tag data to a central point (Bridge Node) which will pass the data through a Raspberry Pi gateway to a MQTT server.

thanks again

The release 2, just include the firmware update or hardware enhancement has included?
We want to buy a few thousands of the dwm1000 & dwm1001 modules, to build our products, should we wait to this release or not?


Release 2 will be just a firmware update. The hardware will remain the same.
DWM1000 and DWM1001 are not compatible, DWM1000 does not have a MCU on-board.


I wonder if I can write code on dwm1001 so that it can communicate with my existing dwm1000 based anchors. For example, is it possible that I write code using documented api to send a evb1000 like blink that can be detected by the dwm1000 based anchors. I understand dwm10001 was not meant to do this, but I really like its integrated mcu, etc, and would like to pursue using it to work with my current rtls system. Please advise whether it is doable. Thanks in advance.

If you erase and reprogram the DWM1001 with your own code - then yes you can do whatever you need to make the DWM1001 hardware work with your existing Anchors. We will soon post a Keil MDK project that would be a good starting point for this.

That is great news! We see dwm1001 as a great platform for a smart tag if we can customize that to communicate with existing anchors. Wonder how soon the Keil MDK is available. Look forward to using it.



Hope to release a Keil project next week.