Listener mode - get distances for all tags

I’d ideally like to obtain both position and distance from the tags in my network via one listener tag.

from the docs, I’m attempting to do this via the les, lec and lep commands. However, currently this only give me the position of the other tags (if the location engine on the listener is turned off) from which I recalculate the distances with respect to the anchor position.
With the location engine turned on on the listener, I only seem to get the distances to anchors of the listener tag, and not the other tags?

How does one obtain the anchor distances for active tags in the network via the listener?

Hi Dewar,

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get the tags to anchors ranges through the listener. The only way to get the range is by reading it directly from the tag itself, with a BLE connection or with UART.

The listener will report only the position of each tags.

Thank you,

Alright! Thanks.

On the topic of listeners, have I understood correct that the api is current limited to only the shell commands, and the direct UART/SPI C interface has still not been exposed?