Line width in Graphical drawings

I’m trying to draw a box around a certain part of my simulation circuit for better clarity.
I’m using the “Draw Graphical Annotation” by right clicking the mouse on the main screen and selecting the draw box. (Also Ctrl B can be done).
I manage to draw a box and set it’s color successfully however changing the line width doesn’t seem to work.
Is it a bug or I’m doing something wrong here?


I faced a similar issue. Changing the width doesn’t have any effect or it actually reduces the width in some cases.

Yes I also noticed that the thickness appears to reduce when I choose thicker line.
I think this is a bug…

It’s possible there might be a limitation in your circuit simulator software regarding line width for graphical annotations. Here’s what you can try:

  1. Check Documentation: Consult the software’s user manual or online documentation to see if there are specific options for controlling the line width of graphical annotations. Some simulators might have limitations compared to line width options for circuit components.
  2. Alternative Box Styles: Explore if your software offers different box styles for annotations. Some might have a bolder appearance by default, achieving a similar effect to a thicker line.
  3. Workaround with Labels: As a workaround, you could draw a thin box and then add a separate thicker line on top or around it using the label or line drawing tools (if available).
  4. Software Update: If you’re not using the latest version of the software, consider updating to see if a fix or new features related to graphical annotation customization have been added.