Line of sight - Placing anchors on a map with plasterboards walls

I have just bought the Mdek1001 and we need to set up a demonstrator indoor so we would need your help to place the anchor distributed to cover this map. We have up to 10 anchor so I guess it is enough. But could someone give me a hand on this?
How should we place the anchor when we have plasterboards distributing the office ?
In the following map I used red dots to place the anchors… would it be correct?

Many thnaks

That looks to be a reasonable starting point although you may want to stand them a little bit off from the more structural outer walls, being right up against a solid wall can have an impact on performance. It looks like you have some pillars in the rooms (e.g. in the top right directly under the text 2,6). Rather than putting anchors on the outer edge of the area where they are behind the pillars you may want to move them into the room a little so that the pillar isn’t blocking the signal for as much of the area.

Plasterboard will normally have a fairly minimal impact on the system however keep an eye out for whiteboards or filing cabinets, they can have a significant impact if they block the line of sight.

Move the anchors out of the corners, especially the corners of 90 degrees or less. The best locations for accuracy is in the middle of the wall. Even better if you can put then not on the wall at all but 1-2 ft away from the wall (and not in the corners). Can you put them on the ceiling?

Thanks for your support
We will use batteries so I will propose to put them on the ceiling…
What do you think about this layout?