Le* commands and their output

It is really strange that all the outputs provided by les/lec/lep commands do not deliver a topic along with position/distance…same goes for Tag ID…How can I know what tag this position/distance for and what topic for if I have multiple tags being “watched” by the gateway?

Hi Securigy,

I am not sure I completely understand what you mean.

For each tag, you should have a dedicated position topic, so this is how you know to which tag the position apply to ?

Maybe I misunderstood ?


If I want my MQTT client to display the position and distance from multiple tags then I use ‘lec’ or ‘les’ on Raspi. Therefore when message is coming I have no idea which tag the message from? and what topic it relates to. (The python script may had published messages from different tags on different topics…)
The incoming data on MQTT client on PC does not carry any info about the tag or topic when using lec or les commands.

Another question is:
Can I run 2 python scripts simultaneously on Raspi - one with ‘lec’ command and one with ‘lep’ command?

Hi Securigy,

I am a bit confused now, are you using the dwm1001 in bridge node mode ? In this case it should automatically publish to the mqtt and you would not require tu use the les/lep commands.


Hi Leon,

I think you use incorrect terminology and perhaps you misunderstood how the stuffs work.

If you use lec/les/lep commands then you use shell on either Tag or Listener node. It has nothing to do with MQTT and topics.

If you want to use MQTT, then you need to get the Gateway running and then use e.g. mosquitto_sub to record the data. The topic can be printed also using that command. See its manual.

There have been a quite few posts discussing this, e.g.:


I think I understand it right.
‘les’ command provides distances to every anchor and the position calculated by the tag.
However, it does not provide the tagID or tagName it refers to so if I have 2 tags I do not know which tags ‘belongs’ to the data I just received…On the other hand ‘lep’ does provide the TagID info along with the tag position.
So my rant is: please add tagID to the output of ‘les/lec’ commands…

As I explained before a few times. I am not in some kind of lab and unable to solder dev-board with Raspi. This causes me all i=kind of problems and is probably the reason of not getting data automatically into MQTT broker from the Gateway->Proxy components…Therefore I am using a USB cable to connect Raspi to dev-board directly. This way I run Python script that issues serial connection to get to dev-board shell lep and then reading from serial position data…and it works great…
The only thing is that lec/les do not carry TagID so if I subscribed with some sort of Mqtt client on PC then I am getting data from multiple tags and these command do not include TagID info with them. SO I need somehow to know that one record is from TagA and another from TagB…