Latency due to mean position?

I noticed that there is less latency to find the location of a tag you move when you have a high nominal update rate (10 Hz for example) than with a 1 Hz or 0,1 Hz update rate.
I think that this is because there is a sort of “buffer” and the position which is given is a mean position computed on the five last locations for example.
Is it possible to change this ?
Note : I use the DWM1001 development board.
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Hi Oliver,

yes, there is an internal average of the last 3 positions and that unfortunately cannot be disabled in PANS.


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Is this documented somewhere? I was under the impression that the averaging happens downstream, e.g. in DRTLS app and the manager web application that runs on the gateway (there are toggles).

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Hi Alex,

I don’t know if this is documented somewhere.

The internal averaging of 3 samples is hard-coded. The further averaging in DRTLS Android Manager and Web Manager is optional, mainly for demo purpose.