Large-scale DWM1000 array for vehicle positioning

Can I have some thoughts on this please, I’ve read through the datasheets and it all seems very possible.

So what I’d like to do is to set up an array of DWM1000 anchors, potentially in a grid or triangular pattern 200m apart (let’s say over a square km) and then to use a DWM1000 mounted on a vehicle in order to give a fairly accurate vehicle position.

I’m guessing the antenna height is going to be an issue, reducing the range, but otherwise does this sound feasible?

All thoughts/comments welcome - it would involve buying and setting up a lot of units, so I’d ideally like to understand how possible this is before proceeding.

Theoretically possible but I think you’ll have issues with range.

Keep in mind that to get a location you need to be in range of at least 3 anchors.
And 200m is a lot of range, assuming you need to keep within the FCC/CE transmit power limits most radio configurations will give a far shorter range.

You may be able to get that range at the lowest data rate but then that’s not compatible with the decawave supplied positioning software. This doesn’t mean that you can’t do it, just be aware that you’d have to do some work either creating your own position measurement code or modifying theirs.
Also if you are running at the lowest data rate measurements will take longer meaning a lower update rate and potential issues tracking fast moving objects. Depending on your use case this may or may not be an issue.