Large network with MDEK1001s


I am interested in deploying a large network using the MDEK1001 kits for our factory. I will need probably >150 anchors. I understand that as long as they are spaced sufficiently far apart (~30m) that they should all be able to get a seat in the super frame. I was just wondering if there is an upper limit to the performance I can expect? Will I still get 150Hz performance for such a large area? Is one super frame passed around to all 150 anchors? If so, does that impact the speed at which the measurements can be reported?



Hi Pat,

The superframe is synchronized between all the anchors. The speed will not be impacted by the amount of anchors. You will still be able to have up to 150 location updates per second in each anchor’s range.
The only limits for anchors are:

  • Each anchor must find a seat which is free for all the anchors in range (there are 30 slots)
  • Each anchor must have a clock level < 127. The anchors which can hear initiator’s Beacons are at clock level 1. The next ones are clock level 2, etc.

For more details, see the “DWM1001 System Overview and Performance” document available at


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Thanks François…

Also, Does the DWM1001 device that is mated with the Raspberry Pi “Gateway” act as the listener? Or do I have to deploy a separate device to work as a listener in addition to the Gateway?

Thanks again for your help.


Hi Pat,

no, the gateway does not act as listener. BLE cannot be enabled on the gateway neither.