KSKelvin Reference Guide

The reference guide is very helpful, but for some of us that like to collect hard copies, the black background in the plots is hard on the toner cartridges. White or some other faint color would be more friendly. I’m not asking for this to be done all at one, but over time or for new pages.


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Thanks for giving me this feedback.
I did think about using default or white background in plot at very beginning when I started creating these guidelines. My concern at that moment is light green color line is not that visible in white background. And to capture screen and share to forum, it seems black background plot looks better and consistent to Qspice default setting.

To give you some background, I wrote these documents for my own study guide at very beginning and didn’t think about sharing. As community members asked me where my answer came from, I thought may be it will help if uploading these documents.

As my primary goal is screen capture to give help in forum reply, black background plot works better this way.