JLink CDC com @ problem on MDEK1001 passive

I have an MDEK1001 kit
3 devices (1 Anchor, 1 Tag, 1 Passive)
I have installed JLink CDC driver
I found a device on Com24 (JLink CDC UART port)
I open Teraterm 115200,N,8,1
I press double enter o type “les” command but I receive only ‘@’
What I am doing wrong?

I solved the problem.
Teraterm can be configured with different newline sequences.
It works only if it is configured “CR only”

It could be better to update the manual

I have found some more info in the manual :

DWM1001 Firmware API Guide

Generic mode to Shell mode: press “Enter” twice or input two bytes [0x0D, 0x0D] within one second.
If the module is in “sleep” state in low power mode as introduced in Section 2.2, an extra byte will
be needed before the double “Enter”. E.g. pressing “Enter” three times will wake up the module and
transfer it to Shell mode

I hope it could help some other user