J-flash configuration

Hi all,
it’s a long time I don’t show up and I have now a question.
What configuration of J-flash is present on DWM1001-dev?
The real question is: I have a brocken DWM1001-dev board and I would like to use the J-link interface as SWD debugger interface. Is it possible? Any reference?
Thanks a lot.

Hi Esperanto

Yes, this is possilbe. You can connect the J-link by opening solder jumpers J17 (SWD), J18 (SWC) and J6 (RESET) and connecting the DWM1001 side of those solder bridges + GND (e.g from J5) and optionally 3V4 (e.g from J16) to the corresponding SWD pins of the JLink, see the DWM1001-dev schematic for more information.

The device name of the MCU in the DWM1001 is nRF52832_xxAA.