Issues connecting DWM1001-Dev to Raspberry Pi over UART


I have been able to get locations of tags over USB, however, when I connect the DWM1001-Dev board over UART Rx and Tx pins I’m not able to. I have looked at the documentation that comes in the package. I have connected pins 6,8,10 from the DWM1001-Dev to the Pi but when I run the examples, I don’t get any coordinates. Is there somewhere in the firmware I have to change to get it to work? The INTERFACE_NUMBER = 0 so I’m not sure what else to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated?

Did you enable the serial UART inside raspi-config? Without the serial port turned on inside the pi, it won’t do anything.

Thank you Jon for the reply. Yes, the serial UART inside the raspi-config was enabled. I was able to resolve my issue, it ended up being an issue with one of the pins.