Issue Encountered While Following the DW3000 and QM33100 Qorvo Nearby Interaction Accessory Developer Guide

I am following the “DW3000 and QM33100 Qorvo Nearby Interaction Accessory Developer Guide”. I have completed the build in Segger Embedded Studio and successfully connected to the iPhone using the “Qorvo Nearby Interaction” app. However, I want to verify the distance between the iPhone and the DWM3001CDK using the Arduino Serial Monitor. I connected to J20, but the computer does not recognize it. How can I connect to the J20 port and output the distance to the Arduino Serial Monitor?

I don’t think the NI firmware on the CDK presents a USB port… doesn’t on any of mine.
I verify the distance manually with a laser distance meter.

the Apple NI approach is not Fira compliant… I don’t see any commands available at the CDK, thus no need for a host com port

Hi @dong!

To achieve this you’ll have to modify the embedded project, implement the USB CDC, and direct the current debug output to the USB COM Port.

Today the project uses the Segger RTT (Real Time Transfer) over J-Link. If you want to see the app log outside Segger Embedded Studio, you can install the “J-Link Software and Documentation package”, one of the apps is the “J-Link RTT Viewer”. Connect the DWM3001CDK via J9 and open the “J-Link RTT Viewer”, the log will appear as it does in the Segger ES in debug mode.

Kind regards!