Issue about send msg in UWB to Gateway

Sup family, i´m with a problem in DWM1001 with the MDEK kit.

I´m capturing the distance between a tag and an initiator by modifying the file DWM-simple (see firmware user guide) and sending this distance to the gateway. All this process is made by a tag. Here is my code:

When I open the Serial, I saw the conversion is ok. Here is the putty interface:


Note that the 3° line is the distance in hexa.
Ok, the problem is when i send the info. I subscribe the topics of the mosquitto in my Raspberry and the msg is wrong:


Look that “data” is something wrong…

Can someone correct me in this? I think it´s in the dwm_usr_data_write() function, but i dont know

Hi Rafael,

the data field via MQTT is encoded in base64. See this post which explains a bit more in details:


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