Is there any way to read Swicthes from the DWM1001 Tags in a Network


I have MDEK1001 kit. It is good for the use case I am working.
moving further, I need to read the Push button Press data 0 or 1 from each DWM1001 tags with in the network. Is it Possible?
Currently, I can able to Switch ON or OFF the LED via Android App.
I know, I can see some commands in API guide, which are related to GPIOs. That is, ‘gg’ Get GPIO.
I think 'gg ’ command gets the Gpio status of the Listener. I need some thing like .

Is it possible?


By “Switches”, do you mean GPIOs?
And yes, in shell commands, ‘gg’ can be used to poll the status of the GPIO.

Yes, I can use ‘gg’. With ‘gg’ Command I get only the Listener/tag GPIO status which is connected to my PC.
My requirement is to ‘Read any active tags GPIOs status in to gateway’.
Example, I have 3 tags in the field. I should be able to get the GPIO status along with Their location data. My listener listens the tags location along with the GPIO status.

is it possible?

In current MDWK1001 release, there’s no way of transmitting user data over UWB. the next release may do it.

One possible way i can think of doing this is, if you are familiar with the nRF softdevice stack, you can add your own service/characteristic to transmit/receive user data to/from the Android device. In the BLE message, the GPIO status, or any other user data can be passed to the android app.


I have to monitor below parameters with Tags.

  1. Battery status
  2. GPIO Status
  3. Position of tags

Is it possible to receive as a custom data message inside my gateway?

Please suggest is there any other alternative hardware / Firmware version available to achieve the same.

I can read some of the questions form the users related to new firmware release. But, Decawave keep pushing the timelines.

If your planning any beta release and need ‘Volunteer’ to test count me In.