Is there any userguide for verilog design

I use fpga to control dw1000, now I do not know how to config the IC, is there any document to introduce how to setting the dw1000. spi is working well, the device ID is correct, but I do not know how to set dw1000. Is anyone have done it before.

The user manual for the chip gives a list of register values that should be changed from the power on defaults for normal operation.
It also gives details of how to transmit and receive packets. I’ve created a full system using the information in that guide without any reference to decawave software so everything you need should be in there.

However trying to do this in an FPGA seems like you’re making life harder for yourself. The level of interaction required over the SPI bus really does require a processor of some sort, it’s not like this is an ADC or similar which it’s easy to drive from an FPGA.

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Thank you very much AndyA, it is hard to do it with verilog as you say. At lease I know it can be done with user manual. Best regards!

Hello zhujb1999,

Have you successfully implemented the FPGA Control DW1000?I have trouble in doing this. Could you tell me the detail?

Thank you very much for your help,