Is there an error upload .qsch and .qsym in forum? (Solved)

I try to upload .qsch or .qsym in this forum (post) but get this error message. No problem if to upload .txt or .pdf. Is it a common issue for everyone?


I’ve run into the same issue.


Maybe the forum still thinks it’s a JPEG file (could possibly be overridden by the forum admin). Delete the initial 4 bytes (ÿØÿÛ).

QSPICE tries to be clever by forcing binary mode by pretending to create JPEG-format files (a pre-UTF-8 hack). But discourse is even more clever and detects that these are fake-JPEG files with incorrect content structure (in particular, missing content length).


@mgyger – You hit it on the nose.

I have some hand-applied patches to Discourse that work around this JPEG detection issue but they got unexpectedly undone by the last set of Discourse updates. I’ve just re-applied them.

I’ll make sure to re-check this after every update going forward.

My apologies for the inconvenience!