Is devkit DWM 1001 compitable between each other? Can i use two devkit in one project?

Hi, I want make net with: 8 anchors, 2 listener, 10 tags. So I bought first devkit. Test net configuration with: 4 anchors, 2 listener, 6 tag - all works great.
I bought second dev kit and expand first net, added anchors and tag.

But tag from second devkit coundn’t “see” anchors from first dev kit.
And seems that second devkit little different, maybe different batch? I’m attached photo.

So can I use this two devkit’s together? Maybe need update firmware?

I use different kit together, but with my own firmware/software.
So I think your problem is related to software/firmware you use.


Hi Dmitriy

The main difference between the DWM1001 and the DWM1001C is that the DWM1001C has been certified, i.e it meets CE/ETSI and FCC regulations, see the certification test results for more information.

The firmware on your devkits is probably a different version, this probably explains why they don’t work together. You can easily update the firmware on the modules with the latest version you can find on our website: See the DWM1001C module and DWM1001-dev pages for more information.

Thank you it’s help. Now two dev kit can work together.