IRQ of DW1000 has no output,no interrupt request signal

After using the DW1000 for a while,the IRQ has no interrupt request signal out.But
we can get data from register .if we short the IRQ to 3.3V,make a pull up ,IRQ will get right and output interrupt request signal .
On the other hand,After using the DW1000 for a while,the IRQ stay high ,we must reset the chip.
What is the problem?

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Do you have already got something like this ?
Any idea here?

anybody here????????

I think the lack or reply is because people were having trouble understanding your question.

You short an output pin to 3.3V and make a pullup? Those are two different things.

I’ve not seen anyone else have issues with the interrupt line, simply saying it’s not working doesn’t give anyone enough information to help you, about all they can say is that it works for them.

If you want any meaningful help you need to provide more information. Schematics if it’s a hardware issue. The values of the status and mask registers if you think it’s firmware.

I am currently working with multiple DWM1000s and also experience a problem with the send interrupt.

It works for quite some while, then the send interrupt is not triggered and after some more time (sometimes minutes) it works again.

Investigating this, I see, that the packages are actually send (and received correctly by another device) but send interrupt is not there. After looking for software issues for a while i finally attached an oscilloscope to the IRQ line. It is indeed not pulled down. So it seems to be an error within the Decawave chip.

Chip reports as “Device ID: DECA - model: 1, version: 3, revision: 0”

(I get the same behaviour with more than this particular chip)

What are the values of the status and mask registers when this happens?

systemmask is 0x00026080,systemstatus is 0x000000140F

I have the same problem, Can you help us?


Freinds ,Do you solve the problem?

I think there is an initial interrupt which is left unhandled and IRQ line stays high because of that.

all interrupts are handled ,the IRQ is still high.

For me the SystemMask is 80F40500 and SystemStatus seams to be 00000000