iOS configuration and visualization APP for MDEK1001

Hi, I previously used TREK1000, which provides a PC-based APP for visualization of the RTLS. Regarding MDEK1001, an Android APP is provided for configuration and visualization.

I was trying to find out

  1. Is there an iOS APP for configuration and visualization of the RTLS doing the same thing as the Android one?
  2. Is there a PC-based APP for visualization of the RTLS similar to the one for TREK1000? (I know that I can do the configuration using PC by installing JLink driver and a terminal emulator)

Any useful comment/information is appreciated.

Many thanks.


1: No, just android and no plan for iOS at this time
2: Yes, Coming in March with PANS Release 2


Hi Ken,

Thanks for the information.

So, the PC APP will also be able to do both configuration and visualization, right?

Correct via a Web page interface.
The connection is via MQTT and gateway down to the uwb network.