Intermittent anchors distance ( 2 tags 1 anchor )

Hi I am using the DWM1001 kit in this configuration ( 2 tags at 5Hz update rate and 1 anchor which is the initiator ). I have been using serial uart to retrieve the anchor distances between each tags for my own application use. However, I have been receiving intermittent data loss from the serial uart port when both tags are running at the same time. I would receive no response from the serial port even after writing to get the anchor distances from the tag. This issue seems to be periodic where it happens for a few seconds after every minute. I do not have such issue when I am only running 1 tag 1 anchor.
Any idea if it could be a flaw caused by my setup?


Hi waihongtan

I’m new to this field, can you please share how you did this anchor and tag but I’m using dw3000 it’ll work for it…??