Inquiry: <EVK-1000> chip configuration


I would like to configure the following network using EVK-1000 equipments.

Would you please let me know if the following operation is possible?

-Use at least (more than) 3 EVK-1000s
-EVK-1000 alternately transmits broadcasting signals, and EVK-1000 that is not transmitting operates as a receiver.
-Attached figure shows the operation of the network. There can be more than four receivers, and when one unit acts as a transmitter, all other units act as receivers simultaneously.
-Finally, I want to get an array (python numpy, etc.) of raw signals obtained over time.

It would be really appreciated if I get answer for this questions.

Attached link is another inquiry document. You can see here: ([SEE THIS LINK]) Well, I have some answers there, however I think I need some more oppinions.

Thank you so much!!