Indoor walls influece


In my company, we a re trying to implement UWB in a indoor usage.
After a lot of tests, we can’t have the 20-30m range indoor.
We first did test with a network of anchors and a tag but connection was lost.
We are in a office building.
We studiyed your docs but we did’nt found info about walls influence on the signal ?

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What radio settings did you try to get more range? There is a trade off between range and data rate depending on how you configure the radio.
A lot of the decawave supplied software/firmware that outputs positions doesn’t allow the user to change the radio settings, in part to ensure it operates correctly and in part in order to pass regulatory tests.

In my testing generally non-structural internal walls (plasterboard/sheet rock on studs) has a fairly minimal impact. Structural / fire walls will however have a significant impact. Also in an office environment anything metallic in the path (cabinets, white boards etc…) will block the signal.

We didn’t change anything about the radio settings, so we use the regulatory ones. The firware is up-to-date.
For sure,it has an impact, but the documentation told that we had to set an achor every 20 meters.

What range were you getting?