indoor/ ourdoor combination

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I have a question about indoor/outdoor combination. Is the situation on picture possible? -> corresponding the situation to regulations and certification in Europe

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Please refer to the requirement defined by the regulation authority:

For Europe:

For US, refer to FCC.

Fixed UWB devices are generally not allowed to transmit outdoor, even though there are some exemptions depending on frequencies (but you may need approval from local authorities to deploy such systems)

In the example you sent A2 is outdoor and fixed an consequently may not be able to transmit, so it will be difficult to use a TWR methodology.

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To find information easier: fixed outdoor terminals that transmit data fall into LT2 category and ETSI states “may be subject to registration and authorization”.
For Czechia (as you’ve menitioned Sewio) Všeobecné oprávnění č. VO-R/10/12.2017-10 applies, chapter 14 in particular.