Increasing number of range measurement

Hi, is there any way to do more than 4 distance measurements with DWM1001 (I am using DWM1001-DEV). If I understand firmware API guide right, there is opportunity to measure distancies up to 15 anchors. Can somebody explain how to do this?

Hi Tsv,

I think this was answered a few times on the forum, it is not possible at the moment. If you do a research you should find a thread explaining in details the relation between tags and anchors within the system.

PANS library is developed so a tag will range with only 4 anchors maximum. It may know coordinates from 15 anchors but will only calculate the real range to 4 of them.

You may need to develop a fully customized network for your application, but it requires a lot of work and expertise to develop a system such a PANS.

Thank you,