Increase update rate

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I currently evaluation the UWB ranging system and like the DW1001 module with its prebuild and certified PANS library. It makes the integration into a custom application so easy. However, I don’t understand yet whey PANS does not support faster update rates then 10Hz. From reading this forum I guess that its using the “6.81 Mbps short frame mode” described in “APS016: MOVING FROM TREK1000 TO A PRODUCT”. If I understand the numbers correctly, the maximum update rate can be much faster. Can anyone please explain why PANS limit the rate to 10Hz and what would be the recommended way to increase it? Thank You!

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Hi Pauliman,

When it comes to designing an RTLS system, there are many aspects to take into consideration depending on what ones try to achieve.

For PANS, the decision of 10Hz as the maximum update rate can be explained by :

  • 15 TWR slots per super-frame
  • 16 Beacon slots
  • Backhaul for uplink/downlink data

By reducing the number of Beacon, TWR slots or Backhaul slots, ones could potentially reduce the total duration of the super-frame and consequently increase the maximum update rate per node. In PANS specifically, many resources are kept for backhaul, allowing the possibility of sending configuration/data over UWB to the cloud. (This will be release in mid-Q2)

If you wish to design a TWR system with an update rate faster than 10Hz then you could reduce any of the specification above.

The source code for PANS is not provided to customer so you would have to start from scratch, which may require an important design effort.

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