Inconsistent Accuracy with DWM1001-Dev

Hi Guys,

I am currently using the DWM1001 as part of the MDEK1001 Development Kit to localize a mobile robot indoors. I am not getting the right accuracy i.e. below 10cm for most cases. I have conducted an experiment to see how does the accuracy vary throughout the room and in some instances I get accuracy below 10cm and sometimes it is way more than that.

My set up currently is as follow:

  1. I have four anchors attached flat to the ceiling i.e. the roof.
  2. I have created a grid of points on the floor.
  3. I used my laptop to measure the location of the tag at various point on the floor.

The images of the setup are given below:


Can you check the Z values, when you get a large X/Y error do you also get a large Z error (Z accuracy is going to be worse, there is no diversity in the anchors Z locations)?

Can you try different orientations of the tag and anchors? Orientation can have a large impact on performance, having the antenna laying close to the ground is not ideal.

What do you mean by “there is no diversity in the anchors Z locations”? Do you mean the anchors are placed at the same z location i.e. same height?

Anyhow, I will try to set up the anchors to try different orientation.

Yes. If everything thing is at the same height then mathematically the system can’t tell if it’s above or below the anchors and the height errors will generally be larger. And a height error will then feed into an x/y error.