Importing third part model of MOSFETs - Fatal error: Error: no such subcircuit: s5_60_ea_var


I am trying to import spice model of Infineon MOSFET. I am seeing two problems.

  1. Not all models are listed when i open the lib file in Qspice . I’m only seeing L0 model in “Choose a subcircuit” drop down (no L1 models listed)

  2. I took an L0 model IAUTN06S5N008 and is seeing the error -Fatal error: Error: no such subcircuit: s5_60_ea_var

model file:!?fileId=8ac78c8c872bd8d601874ba3bd5f4bdd


In the library file, IAUTN06S5N008 is defined as 5 pins sub-circuit, and inside its subckt it call another subckt S5_60_ea_var.

In this library structure, you can consider to create your own symbol.
Here is how this symbol can be defined, and a .dc sweep results.
But the drain current (i.e. I(Vsense)) vs gate voltage has discontinuity. This netlist is exported and run with LTspice, same drain current profile is observed. This characteristic look unusual, but both simulator with similar results which suggest this characteristic is from model itself.