I2C fuel gauge for ultra-low power applications


I want to include a fuel gauge like MAX17043 in my ultra-low sleep application in order to monitor battery percent. I have seen that MAX17043 drains about 1uA in sleep mode. Could be this chip a good option to monitor battery in ultra low power applications??

Thank you.


This isn’t really related to the decawave parts but yes that’s a reasonable part to use.

A constant 1 uA current draw would represent 0.72 mAh of battery capacity used per month.
Wikipedia gives typical self discharge rates of lithium batteries as 2-5% per month. Which means for any battery larger than 24 mAh the battery self discharge is going to be larger than the fuel gauge current draw.

You’ll probably find other parts have more impact on your sleep mode power draw e.g. power supply chips in their off mode often have a current draw of a couple of uA.