I have question abound frequency certification

hi our team use dwm1000 and we need to certification frequency
(i’m korean and certification name is KC certification)

our device use channel 2,4
base on channel 4 frequency 3993.6, bandwidth 1331.2

there is a request relate to the frequency from the certification company

request a certification company that
they can’t measure our bandwidth because our bandwidth is too wide
so we need how to setting the frequency limit range
(ex : low frequency : 3300 ~ 3800, middle frequency : 3800 ~ 4300, high frequency : 4300 ~ 4600)

You need to find a new certification supplier. Many labs don’t have the equipment required to correctly test UWB devices.

Unless they have a analyser with a resolution bandwidth of 50 MHz then you will either fail or have to turn the power down significantly. If they have that equipment then they shouldn’t need to test in several separate bands.

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