I can only find one anchor with dwm_loc_get

I want to use the dwm API function “dwm_loc_get” to find two more anchors
but it only shows one anchor.
my tag and anchor cfg is following the API tag_cfg_set and anchor_cfg_set

Hi LeoChen,
for a better understanding of your problem, we need some more information about your setup.
I also work with the dwm_loc_get whit 4 anchors at the moment.
There are some points to check:

  • Is the Panid set correctly for all members in the network? They all need the same PanId.
  • Is the Encryption set correctly (if used) on all members? For first trys, turn it off by the parameter Enc_en in the DWM_Cfg_Common settings.
  • Only one initiator (anchor) should be used within the network.
  • I run all members of my network at UWB_Mode “Activ”
    Maybe this points will help you.

thanks for your suggestion @skopp
I success find my anchors with resetting the cfg of tag and anchors
But I have another problem.
I have read the DWM1001 DEV datasheet.
It says that DWM1001 can ranging up to 300m.
But I try it only 8m.
I need to ranging at least 30m. but I don`t know how to set .

Hi there,

i can’t say anything about the range you can reach with your setup. The given 300m from the datasheet seems to be in an ideal enviroment.
We did some test with our setup and could reach ranges of about 50m outdoor and aprox. 8m-15m indoor depending on the building structure.

yes, just like you say.
I try the ranging again and it got the good effect.
Thanks for your help skopp^^.