How TX_power setup in MDEK1001?

Hello, I’m try increase tx_power in mdek1001 dev kit.
I have 4 tags, I connected it in usb and read “utpg”

  1. pg_delay=xB5 tx_power=x25456585 (pg_delay=xB6 tx_power=x25456585)
  2. pg_delay=xB5 tx_power=x24446484 (pg_delay=xB7 tx_power=x486888A8)
  3. pg_delay=xB5 tx_power=x23436383 (pg_delay=xB7 tx_power=x476787A7)
  4. pg_delay=xC5 tx_power=x28486888 (pg_delay=xC7 tx_power=x27476787)

If i want setupp max tx_power I must send for 1-3 tag:
utps 0xB5 0x1F1F1F1F ? Right?

What mean data inside bracket? Why pg_delay and tx_power different?