How to view frame transmission in oscilloscope


When we are doing the power calibration process for DW1000, how we can see that the frames are transmitted in every one millisecond.
In APS023: APPLICATION NOTE Transmit Power Calibration and Management, Figure 20: “Transmitting one frame per millisecond” shows a waveform. Where we need to probe for getting this waveform. What is the procedure for getting this waveform?

Shijo Thomas

Hi Shijo,

This waveform can be observed with a spectrum analyzer, not with an oscilloscope.

To do so you can connect you can either solder an sma connector on the antenna, or use another antenna directly on the septrum analyzer. (In this case keep the device close to the SA to make sure the signal is not too attenuated)

In order to verify you are transmitting 1 frame per millisecond, we recommend you to have a look at the signal in the time domain (but still on a spectrum analyzer)