How to set more than 8 tags

Currently, I’m playing with EVB1000 to develop the system to track many people locations. I just realize the default setting of the EVB1000 just support until 8 tags (according to the setting of the DIP Switch (SW5 - SW7)). However, I like to track more than 8 tags and realize that SW8 is never used. How to modify or activate SW8 to be the ID of the tags so the EVB1000 can support more than 8 tags??


TREK1000 software has a limit of 8, because if you use the Switch S1 on the EVB1000 to set tag address and only 0-7 are possible. If you modify the code to use something else (another switch) or hard code tag’s address in each binary of each tag… then you can have as many as you want.
However, you will need to adjust superframe and ranging slot timings to allow for more tags. Please read TREK source code guide.

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Thank you for your reply,

I understand that we have to change the hard code to modify the number of the tag. I have the information to change the hard code of the ARM code of the tag device to support more than 8 tag and the variable in the ARM code to hard code the address (the name of the variable is instance_anchaddr). However, I did not understand the format value which i have to input to the variable to define the tag ID of each device. What is the value format of instance_anchaddr in the ARM code to define the ID of the tag??

And I have another question,

I like to changes the shape of the tag which displayed in the Decawave GUI. I know that we can changes from the ellipse shape to the rectangle shape. However, we have our one icon using png format. How we can display this icon with png format to the Decawave GUI???

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Gde Dharma

Have u resolved it ? Ialso have the problem.

I have the same problem, could you tell more details?I have read TREK source code guide and APS016_Moving_from_TREK1000_to_a_product_v2.2, however, still can not understand.

Have you looked at the code? Which version of TREK are you using?

sfConfig structure contains the superframe/slot timings, addresses are set in instance_set_16bit_address

Yeah, I have read the hard code which name is DecaRangeRTLS_ARM_2p10. The version I have forgotten, later I will tell you.
The meaning about “sfConfig structure contains the superframe/slot timings, addresses are set in instance_set_16bit_address” is that if I want to set more anchors, only need to modify these?
Do you have any other communication tools?

The version of the TWR RTLS IC Evaluation Kit is 1.3.

Have you have solved the problem?

TREK FW is not easily scalable if you want to have > 4 anchors. You need to build own system/protocol for that. With TREK you can scale the number of tags, but they will also range to 4 anchors. If you want to have > 4 anchors, then you need to develop/design a system in which the tags can discover (or a told which) anchors to range with.

Decawave’s PANS FW (DWM1001) is fully scalable system.