How to read position data from DWM1001-DEV to Arduino?


Is there any tutorial about how can I read DWM1001-DEV position data in Arduino?


How is the Arduino connected to the DWM1001-DEV?

If you are using the available DWM1001 APIs, then the API Guide doc describes how to use them, and the data format.

Thanks for your reply, actually I was mean to ask that question as well, is there diagram how should I connect DWM1001-DEV to Arduino? Which pin is tx and rx?

Image attached
Attention that the module works at 3.3V and most arduino work at 5V

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Thank you very much!

Is there any Arduino library I could use to read position data? I’ve checked the decawave github but I didn’t find a sample for how Arduino read position data or how to do a two way range with Arduino.

It will be great if you could give me an Arduino sample as well.

Thanks again.

I don’t think you need a library since the code is very simple.
If you use UART you just sent the TLV packet that you need for the API and then you read all that packets that you receive.
See the DWM1001-API-Guide.pdf to understand how TLV packets are build.

If you don’t know how to manage UART (aka Serial) on arduino, see:
or search on google to find tons of examples and tutorials

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