How to monitor data out from Tag - MDEK1001

If I want to monitor the Tag position, can I simply attach TXD out (Pin 10 of RPi interface) to my host RXD and connect ground?

Or, do I need to connect RXD also (solder J13) and have my host issue commands to read the position?

Ideally, the data would stream out the port and I can grab the packets in real time.

Do I need to de-solder the links to isolate the JTAG also, or can this stay in circuit when attaching to host via UART?

Finally, If I desolder power supply to JTAG and all the LEDs, what is expected current draw of the unit set up as Tag and should it still be set to active or would setting it as passive cause it to go into low power mode and wake when messages from anchors received?


Hi Orbit,

Take a look at the schematics! The Dev board SWD/JTAG can be isolated for best current consumption.
The Segger (STM MCU circuit) draws around 12mA! There are a few jumpers/solder balls on the Dev board you will need to remove:

J14, J15 (UART Interface)
J17, J18 (SWD Interface)
J6 (RESET line)

The UART pins from the Module are still available on the Dev board RaspberryPi header. You will need Tx and RX connections.
For best power, the tag should be set to Low Power mode, LEDs and BLE off. Use stationary detection as well.
Note if using the Shell to do this config, make sure you type Quit or Sleep when exiting - otherwise the MCU will stay active.


Thanks Ken,

Can I also disable the BLE and use UART to configure everything and poll the Tag for Range periodically?

Everything that is configurable via BLE is also configurable via the Module UART or SPI interfaces. So yes, turn off BLE.