How to maximise DWM1000 range?

How to maximise DWM1000 range, especially with the data rate 6.8M.

Hi SND_wjh,

Have you read the app note on the topic of maximising range with DW1000? It’s APS017.

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Hi S_Carroll_DW ,
I am reading the app note APS017, actually I just wanna know how I should config the struct “dwt_config_t config” in the examples “ex_06a_ss_twr_init” and “ex_06b_ss_twr_resp” to test the maximum range of the DWM1000 with data rate 6.8M.

I think what you’re after is TX and RX power variables

Thanks a lot ! That really works.

Hi Groowla,

It really works by calling the dwt_configuretxrf API to configure the TX-related variables, but what can be done to improve the RX performance without making any hardware imprivement to the official DWM1000? Any API avaliable?


Hi Snd,
That I’m not sure about :frowning: you need to increase RX power somehow
have you dug through all the manuals?
(for end-product make sure you’re within allowed rx strength)
otherwise clear line of sight is your best friend :))

Could you tell what you mean with “what can be done to improve the RX performance”?
What performance (range?) do you get with what RF settings, eg channel, datarate, PRF, Preamble etcc.
The user manual described a few registeres which have to be set to a value which depends on the channel, datarate like TG Delay, FS_PLLTUNE, FS_PLLCFG, RF_RXCTRLH, RF_TXCTRL, , AGC_TUNE1, DRX_TUNE1b, DRX_TUNE2 to name a few.

Also be aware that you can increase the power by approx 3db when using example code , which is EVK1000 based. Please see note on page 8 of the DWM datasheet, where it states:
To achieve best results when using the DWM1000 with Decawave’s DecaRanging software (is example code) , you will need to adjust the default transmit power value programmed into the DWM1000 by the software. This is because DecaRanging software is targeted at Decawave’s EVB1000 evaluation board which has a different RF path compared to the DWM1000. You should increase the transmit power by approximately 3 dB.


Are you kidding me? :joy: