How to interface listener anchor with Raspberry Pi


I have made an anchor as passive which will listen to all the data from tags and the anchors. I have plugged it in windows and on the teraterm I am receiving all the data and it looks like great.
I wanted to interface it with Raspberry pi uing serial communication but connecting it using the usb doesnt looks like a good solution as it may be removed easily. So I thought of connecting the rx tx pins of the listener to the tx rx pins of the raspberry pi so that I can receive all the data using serial communication.

I used the latest Rasbian image and plugged in all the wires and connections but when opening the serial port on ttyS0 with 115200, it says cannot open serial port.

On windows it works fine but on Raspberry pi why it is showing this error. ?


Hi Sandrew,

I’d say it’s a configuration error from the raspberry pi.

I think you have to enable the serial port on the new rbp3b. See below :

I got the DWM1001/RPB3b interface working in the past so there should be no problem.

Let me know if it worked.
Thank you