How to get DWM1001 module running

have a DWM1001 module only that is being powered by 3.3V DC. How do I get it running and loading new firmware?

Can you provide more details.
What is the marking on the module you have?
Is it programmed with the PANS software/HEX file?

It is a Decawave Model DWM1001C module soldered on a custom board

See here - DWM1001 Now FCC, IC and CE Certified!
If these are DWM1001C, FCC/CE marked then they are blank, meaning no PANS software is programmed.

Ok, a few questions.

1). How do you get the firmware on?
2). What would the proper part be to order that has the PANS on?

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Hi Mike,

  1. Your custom board needs SWD programmer to program the module.
    If you use DWM1001-DEV then is has J-Link so you can use the Segger software to load the binary into it. Another option is to use OpenOCD.

  2. You can use the part you have just reflash the PANS binary into it. See this link:[UNIQID]